Commercials/ Promos:

                         “Target, Homestyle Videos”  Director, Josh Thacker, Runner Runner

                         “Lifetime Promos, Garnier “ Director Chris Weinstein/ Still Films

                         “Neimann Marcus”  Director. Ted Hartshorn, Neiman Marcus

                         “GMHC”  Director,  Gregory Kramer, GMHC

             “Nexxus Hair Care”  Director  Kelly Nyks/  PF Pictures


                         “Indian Point”  Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival

                                                Director:  Ivy Meeropol / Motto Pictures

     “Requiem for the American Dream” Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival

                                                Director: Peter Hutchison/ PF PIctures

                         “The Artificial Leaf” (2nd Place Focus Forward Film Contest)

                                                Director Jared Scott/ PF Pictures

                          "The Devil in Daniel Johnston"  (as additional cinematographer)

                                                Director Jeff Feurzeig  Best Documentary  Director Sundance Film Festival

                           “Seamless”  (Shared Credit) Official Selection Tribecca Film Festival

        Douglas Keeve Studios,  Director:  Douglas Keeve


    “In the Line of Fire”  Atlas Films/ Recreations Director Paul Jarrett

                          "Lost History with Brad Meltzer"  H2/  Show Runner Josh Mensch

                         “Killer Speaks”      A&E/ ITV   Show Runner John Kim

                         “Deadly Devotion”   Lion TV   Recreations Director Paul Jarrett

                         “Stolen Voices Buried Secrets”  ID/  Sirens Media

                         “Suburban Secrets”    Court TV/ Sirens Media.  Dir  V Haselton

 Fiction Film

                          “Lake Wonderful” (Selection Big Apple Film Fest) Dir Annetta Marrion

                          “Scooter Red Dog Applesauce”  (Selection Australia I. F.F.)

                                  Dir. Chris Weinstein.  Prod. Mitchel Riggs/ Manhattan Theatre Source

                           “Skips” Dir. Steve Curley (Selection Tribeca Film Festival)

                            "You Don’t Know Me"   (Nominated for Best Short Drama: Moab Film Festival)  

                                    Dir.  Rob Featherstone

                             “Duty Nickels”    Dir. Richard Morbid (selection  NY Underground F.F.)


   “Say How You Feel” (lamictal testimonials) Director,  Lisa D’Apolito,    Draft FCB

                        “Artripla is My Heart” Director, Lisa D’Apolito, Draft FCB

                        “Imagination Playground”  Director, Charles Verprek/ Rockwell Group